• This new unit has been developed with benefits for the end user and electrical wholesalers in mind.

• Easily accessible germicidal 15 watt tubes – off-shelf at lower cost

• Increased output

• No more transformers potted & boxed – simple off-shelf ballast resistor

• Ozone Tube can be switched on or off

• Unit is far more compact

• Australian Made – all parts are readily available
• Unit mounts to cool room ceiling

• Dimensions: L580mm x W260mm x H110mm

• Weight: 3.25kg
• Pure Ozone Replacement Tube: UVG-G8T5VHS285
• Germicidal Ultra Violet Tube: UVG-G15T8N
N.B. When replacing tubes, UVG-CR-308 requires 2 x Germicidal Tube and 1 x Ozone Tubes.

Categories: UV Lamps / Sterlisation / Bacteria Control, Sterilisation & Bacteria Control, Coolroom Fixtures

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