Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light is used for many reasons ranging from insect control to germicidal sterilization. UV Lamps vary from long wave frequency to short wave frequency.  This is usually measured in nm (nanometers). UV Lamp long wavelengths can rate at up to 450nm (approximately) while the short wavelengths rate below 100nm.


For example:

• Insect Zapper Lamps rate 369nm

• Blacklight Blue Lamps rate 352nm

• Germicidal Lamps rate 253.7nm
• Ozone uses both 253.7nm and 184nm.

It is therefore neccesary to know the purpose of the lamp required to provide the most effective UV tube. Airtowel Hygiene Systems, Carry a range of Ultra Violet Tubes.

FOR INSECT CONTROL, Straight tubes up 40 watt Black Light and shrink wrapped Shatter Proof, Circular tubes, and U shaped.

BLACK LIGHT BLUE. For iridescence used in Banking, Verify Hand training Lotion, Disco's, Security, Pest Management and many more.

GERMICIDAL AND OZONE. Cool room lamps, Water Sterilisation, Air Sterilisation,  and more we can make to suit your requirement.

To make and inquiry, we will need

information from you to make sure you get the right product, We need, What is the tube used for? Is it staight or U shaped?

What pins are there? EG; Single pin each end, Bi-Pin, 4 pins one end.

Length of straight tube including caps and also then including pins.

The more information you can supply the better.

In the case of coolroom fixtures we just need to know if it is a single tube
or a three tube unit.

Ring the office to help sort it out if there is any problems.

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