GR-ACF 300 


• Clam Flange
• No fixing screws supplied
• Dimensions: 300mm Ø to Ø, 55mmD
• Mounting: Mount grab rail 800mm to 810mm above floor level.
• Available in Satin SupremeTM, Polish SupremeTM, Diamond Shur-GripTM & Full Colour


Clam Flange Straight Grab Rails are also available in the following sizes:

• 400mm • 450mm • 500mm • 600mm

• 800mm• 900mm• 1000mm• 1100mm

Download full list of available Clam Flange straight grab rails.


Hygienic Seal® Straight Grab Rails

HYGIENIC SEAL® healthcare 32mm grab rails. Fabricated from 304L stainless steel and assembled with 50mm brass screw on flange covers with Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) fitted seals. The seals firm to the rail wall and prevent the accumulation of unhealthy grime. The HYGIENIC SEAL® grab rail complies with the clause 6.2 of Australian Standards 1428.1 for Design and Construction.

Mount grab rail 800mm to 810mm above floor level.

Category: Disabled Grab Rails, Straight Grab Rails