Buying the Right Hand Dryer

Selecting the hand dryer for you!​

We all require a product to do the job it is purchased for. Unfortunately, clever sales talk often mean we pay too much for little benefit (if any) or we pay too little and end up with a product that is all but useless.

So what should we look for and what should we expect?

The first rule of thumb is to buy a unit with a brush type (universal) motor.
Why?  Because it is far more efficient than the alternative brushless (induction) motor.

Brush type motors run between 75% and 90% efficient.  This means for every 1000 watts used, 750 to 900 watts is work power. Brushless are only 30% to 50% which means 300 to 500Watts work power to every 1000watts.

Also brush type motors can, because they are more efficient, spin to 24,000 rpm (revolutions per minute).  We limit our units to 6,300 rpm. Brushless units max out at around 2500 rpm. Hand dryers using this motor system would only have about half the volume and less velocity.

Airtowel® uses brush type motors which gives both high volume air as well as high velocity air.

Second rule of thumb; don’t buy cheap. If you pay under $250.00 for a hand dryer you are probably buying an imported product, untested by Australian Electrical and EMC Standards. In Australia, our power runs at 230v -250v at 50Hz. The standard socket is 10amp, 2400 watt rating. In Asia power runs at 220v at 60Hz. Some units run 2750watts.

Recently we have seen the introduction of hand dryers using a computerised brushless motor. It is designed to mimic the abilities of the brush type motor. These computerised motors overcome the normal lower rpm of standard brushless units. However, this comes at a price being more costly to manufacture and very expensive to buy.

We also have concerns about the hygiene of the style of unit where you have to place your hands in a slot. Firstly, there is a water tray in this style of unit which should be cleaned out every day. That means more cost to this already very expensive unit in daily maintenance. If the maintenance is not carried out, this will be a playground for bacteria.

They also come with a Hepa Filter. Hepa Filters do not kill germs as some people would have us believe, they just filter the incoming air – the same air you are breathing. These also need to be replaced regularly (another cost).  If not replaced, the filters themselves become a health risk.

After people have properly washed the germs from their hands, clients just need to dry their hands without costing the venue an arm and a leg.

The bottom line is our Airtowel® hand dryers are reliable with brush type (universal) motors, efficient running costs and are covered by a 5 year warranty against manufacturing faults and defects.

Airtowel® Hygiene Systems – value for money hand dryers that are made for the job.