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We have just had our new website created by TB Designs Co. and are endeavouring to get all information up to date.

It is always very pleasing to hear people say, “Your reliable hand dryers have been around for a long time!” We are very proud to say that we have never stopped offering heavy duty, efficient hand dryers at reasonable prices. Our hand dryers and electrical insect zappers, insect traps, sterile, ozone and bacteria control units are all kept to Australian electrical standards and EMC approvals.

The disabled grab rails we supply are to current Australian Standards. Whilst we can offer assistance with the selection of grab rails, we are not specifiers, only suppliers. Alterations to commercial buildings and new constructions must be architecturally specified.

In an ever changing world, there are constantly products that are discontinued with new architectural products taking their place appearing on the market. Airtowel® endeavours to keep in touch with new products available and offers merchandise that we believe is good quality at good pricing.  Since the 1960’s, Airtowel® has made every effort to provide friendly, reliable and prompt service to our clients and, being a family company, we treat both our small and one off clients the same way we treat our large clients – to us, everyone is important. Word of mouth is a wonderful way to obtain your next new client!

Where possible, we stand behind our Australian manufacturers. Amongst the products we offer, our range includes Australian made insect zappers, insect trapping units, ozone, bacteria and sterile units, industrial soap dispensers and made to order threshold mats for disabled use. Australian manufacturers ensure that all parts are available which provides added confidence in their products and the warranties they stand behind.

So if you’ve taken a look through our products but couldn’t find what you were looking for, please send us an email or give us a call as we have many products available to us that are not shown in our product list.

We look forward to helping you with your enquiry!

~ The Airtowel Team 

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